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生命科學學院Pharmacological Targeting of STK19 Inhibits Oncogenic NRAS-Driven Melanomagenesis. cell
生命科學學院Transient Receptor Potential V Channels Are Essential for Glucose Sensing by Aldolase and AMPKCell Metabolism林圣彩廈門大學等2019.06
生命科學學院Nucleoporin Seh1 Interacts with Olig2/Brd7 to Promote Oligodendrocyte Differentiation and Myelination.Neuron張亮廈門大學等2019.05
生命科學學院A GPR17-cAMP-Lactate Signaling Axis in Oligodendrocytes Regulates Whole-Body Metabolism.Cell Reports陳穎廈門大學等2019.03
生命科學學院Bone Marrow Mesenchymal Stromal Cell-Derived Periostin Promotes B-ALL Progression by Modulating CCL2 in Leukemia Cells.Cell Reports歐陽高亮廈門大學等2019.02
生命科學學院Macrophage achieves self-protection against oxidative stress-induced ageing through the Mst-Nrf2 axisNature Communications陳蘭芬廈門大學等2019.02
生命科學學院FGF15 activates Hippo signaling to suppress bile acid metabolism and liver tumorigenesisDevelopenmeantal Cell. 周大旺廈門大學等2019.02
生命科學學院DHHC4 and DHHC5 Facilitate Fatty Acid Uptake by Palmitoylating and Targeting CD36 to the Plasma MembraneCell Reports趙同金廈門大學等2019.01
生命科學學院/公共衛生學院Structural and functional analyses of hepatitis B virus X protein BH3-like domain and Bcl-xL interactionNature Communications夏寧邵、薛定、袁權廈門大學等2019.07
生命科學學院/公共衛生學院Atomic structures of enterovirus D68 in complex with two monoclonal antibodies define distinct mechanisms of viral neutralizationNature Microbiology夏寧邵、李少偉、程通廈門大學等2019.01
公共衛生學院Rapid One-Step 18F-Radiolabeling of Biomolecules in Aqueous Media by Organophosphine Fluoride AcceptorsNature Communications聶立銘/李子婧廈門大學等2019.03
化學化工學院Unveiling how intramolecular stacking modes of covalently linked dimers dictate
photoswitching properties
Nature Communications曹曉宇廈門大學等2019.12
化學化工學院Probing the edge-related properties of atomically
thin MoS2 at nanoscale
Nature Communications任斌、王翔廈門大學等2019.12
化學化工學院Room-temperature quantum interference in single
perovskite quantum dot junctions
Nature Communications洪文晶廈門大學等2019.11
化學化工學院Solid-to-liquid phase transitions of sub-nanometer
clusters enhance chemical transformation
Nature Communications程俊廈門大學等2019.11
化學化工學院Practical and stereoselective electrocatalytic
1,2-diamination of alkenes
Nature Communications徐海超廈門大學等2019.11
化學化工學院Photocatalytic regio- and stereoselective C(sp3)–H functionalization of benzylic and allylic hydrocarbons as well as unactivated alkanesNature Catalysis龔磊廈門大學等2019.10
化學化工學院Single-handed supramolecular double helix of homochiral bis(N-amidothiourea) supported by double crossed C?I···S halogen bondsNature Communications江云寶廈門大學等2019.08
化學化工學院Photocatalytic enantioselective α-aminoalkylation
of acyclic imine derivatives by a chiral copper catalyst
Nature Communications龔磊廈門大學等2019.08
化學化工學院Catalysis Selects Its Own Favorite FacetsCHEM鄭南峰廈門大學等2019.08
化學化工學院Rational synthesis of an atomically precise carboncone under mild conditionsScience Advances謝素原、張前炎廈門大學等2019.08
化學化工學院Stereoselective synthesis of medium lactams
enabled by metal-free hydroalkoxylation/
Nature Communications葉龍武廈門大學等2019.07
化學化工學院Molecular bilayer grapheneNature Communications譚元植、程俊廈門大學等2019.07
化學化工學院Cooperative copper centres in a metal–organic
framework for selective conversion of
CO2 to ethanol
Nature Catalysis汪騁廈門大學等2019.07
化學化工學院Disentangling charge carrier from photothermal effects in plasmonic metal nanostructuresNature Communications田中群、任斌廈門大學等2019.06
化學化工學院Electric-field-induced selective catalysis of single-molecule reaction, Science AdvancesScience Advances洪文晶、程俊、劉俊揚廈門大學等2019.06
化學化工學院In situ probing electrified interfacial water structures at atomically flat surfacesNature Materials李劍鋒、程俊廈門大學等2019.06
化學化工學院Atomically defined angstrom-scale all-carbon
Nature Communications洪文晶、謝素原、肖宗源廈門大學等2019.04
化學化工學院Successive modification of polydentate complexes
gives access to planar carbon- and nitrogen-based
Nature Communications張弘廈門大學等2019.04
化學化工學院Propane oxidative dehydrogenation over highly
selective hexagonal boron nitride catalysts:
The role of oxidative coupling of methyl
Science Advances林敬東、王勇廈門大學等2019.03
化學化工學院Promoting electrocatalytic CO2 reduction
to formate via sulfur-boosting water activation
on indium surfaces
Nature Communications王野、吳德印等廈門大學等2019.02
化學化工學院Transition from Tunneling Leakage Current to Molecular Tunneling in Single-Molecule JunctionsCHEM洪文晶、楊揚廈門大學等2019.02
化學化工學院Anti-resonance features of destructive quantum interference in single-molecule thiophene junctions achieved by electrochemical gatingNature Materials洪文晶廈門大學等2019.02
化學化工學院Flexible decapyrrylcorannulene hostsNature Communications謝素原、張前炎廈門大學等2019.01
藥學院Oncogenic potential of truncated RXRα during colitis-associated colorectal tumorigenesis by promoting IL-6-STAT3 signalingNature Communications張曉坤廈門大學等2019.04
信息學院Precise Segmentation of Densely Interweaving Neuron Clusters Using G-CutNature Communications張俊松廈門大學等2019.04
環境與生態學院Reduced nitrogenase efficiency dominates response of the globally important nitrogen fixer Trichodesmium to ocean acidificationNature Communications史大林,羅亞威廈門大學等2019.04
醫學院Soluble TREM2 ameliorates pathological phenotypes by modulating microglial functions in an Alzheimer's disease modelNature Communications陳小芬、卜國軍廈門大學等2019.03